Role: Lead Creative, Designer, Photographer, & Chef
Client: Elon University Hillel
Tools Used: Illustrator, Photoshop, Bridge & InDesign
What's Cookin' Hillel is a collection of recipes and stories shared by the Jewish community of Elon University. The cookbook celebrates the rich culinary heritage of students, alumni, faculty, staff, and families. It is more then just a complication of dishes; it is a reflection of our identity, culture, and the vibrant history of the Elon Jewish Community. This cookbook is 136 pages long with over 60 recipes that took months of planning, iteration, and determination to complete. As the designer and photographer of all of the content, this cookbook is one of my favorite accomplishments. Not only was this project a feat of design, but it brought together the community on campus as it represents a commitment and strong bond to Jewish Life. The projects copy was edited by Christy Brooks & Jay Rimmer with help from a village of people who shopped (Lucy Sneader), reviewed (Zoe Klein & Betsy Polk), translated (Boaz Avraham Katz & Amit Melchior), and assisted with photos (Molly Erlich, Caroline DiGrande, Sierra Kennedy, Jeremy Layoff, & Amit Melchior).
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